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Meucci Cues

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"The entire cue is built with one priority in mind - to give every player more power with less effort."


Every time someone I know starts playing with a Meucci cue, their game is instantly elevated to the next level - I call it Meucci Magic!

Unquestionably, the most accurate tool ever built for the game of pool, Meucci cues are world renowned as the cues that deflect the least of any brand. What makes a Meucci special?

Using the proprietary Myth Destroyer testing robot Meucci builds shafts and butts that are more flexible causing less cue ball deflection.

Unique joint and ferrule design allow for maximum performance with minimum effort and the butt splice design increases amplification of stroke while diminishing warpage.

Meucci's are the only cues balanced far enough back for automatic grip positioning every time.

The Black Dot Bullseye Shaft is the most consistent, hi tech, peak performing cue shaft that is flat-laminated from 35 Northern Hard Rock Maple laminations.

The radial consistency of this shaft is equal to Natural Hard Maple or any of the pie-laminated shafts presently on the market.

The less than 2% spine differential of this shaft is marked with the Black Dot Bullseye for those who can detect slight nuances and play to this extremely high level.

Among the pros who endorse Meucci cues are LoreeJon Hasson, Mike Massey, Corey Deuel, Sky Woodward, Jason Shaw and Max Eberle.

Alert: Meucci does not warranty EBAY cues! Most likely, they are stolen property or factory rejects meant to be destroyed. ~ an online warning from Bob Meucci


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