Darts, Dart Boards


Darts, Dart Boards

Our affiliate partner PoolDawg is much more than just billiards and pool cues. They carry a large variety of darts including dartboards, soft tip darts, steel tip darts and all sorts of dart accessories. With hundreds of products to choose from, PoolDawg is quickly becoming the darter's best friend.

A little on the history of darts... the game of darts has been around for centuries. Some historians attribute the birth of darts to English soldiers in Medieval times. The soldiers would shorten their arrows from time to time and throw these shortened arrows at the bottom of a wine barrel or a wide tree. It was essentially a drinking game in those days and it remains a popular "pub" game to this day. Dartboards can also be found in many homes as well. Modern darts have a thin base, a steel pointed tip, and some sort of plastic or similar substance which serve as fins. Many taverns and pubs host dart tournaments and dart leagues on a regular basis.

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