Celebrities Shooting Pool


Celebrities Shooting Pool

Actors, Actresses, Politicians and Other Celebrities Shooting Pool. I was the first web-head to create a page dedicated to photos of celebrities playing pool. When traffic became too heavy on my free ISP sponsored site, I moved my pictures here. Since then, my idea has been copied as has my collection of images. Most recently, I discovered someone had copied my pictures, many of which I have touched up and cropped so that I can identify them, and posted them in a facebook album dedicated to pool playing celebrities. If you want to share these pics with your friends, why not just link to my page. If you want to impress your friends, come up with your own idea. Featured here are photos of these celebrity pool players: Fred Astaire, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, James Coburn, Tom Cruise, Jane Fonda, John Wayne, Julia Roberts, Keith Richards, Brigitte Neilson, Neve Campbell, Rebecca DeMornay, Marlon Brando, Telly Savalas, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King, Jr., Babe Ruth, Senator Eugene McCarthy, Carlos Casagrande, Sergio Abreu, Gemma Atkinson, Barack Obama, Sean Connery, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren London, Lucacris, Michael Jordan, Tom Wopat and John Schneider.

Stars Shooting Pool

Julia Roberts - Pool Magazine Cover

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Fred Astaire playing pool Brad Pitt playing pool Cage and Penn playing pool Christopher Walken playing pool Coburn and Sharif playing pool
Tom Cruise playing pool Faye Dunaway playing pool Charlie's Angels playing pool Jane Fonda playing pool John Wayne playing pool
Julia Roberts playing pool More Julia Roberts pool mag cover Keith Richards playing pool Laurel and Hardy playing pool Liz Taylor and Montgomery Clift playing pool Brigitte Neilson playing pool
Lucille Ball playing pool Marco Sanchez playing pool Neve Campbell playing pool Our Gang playing pool Prince Charles playing pool
Rebecca DeMornay playing pool Richard Lloyd playing pool Mark Twain playing pool The Rat Pack playing pool Marlon Brando playing pool
Denzel Washington playing pool Brooke Shields playing pool W.C. Fields playing pool Burt Reynolds playing pool Martin Luther King, Jr playing pool
Peter Sellers playing pool Mickey Rooney playing pool Newman and Cruise playing pool Scott Wills playing pool Babe Ruth playing pool
Johnny Cash playing pool Senator Eugene McCarthy playing pool Michael Madsen playing pool Mars Callahan playing pool Telly Savalas playing pool
Michael Jordan playing pool Barack Obama playing pool Carlos Casagrande and Sergio Abreu playing pool Sean Connery playing pool Edward G Robinson playing pool
Gemma Atkinson playing pool Lauren London playing pool Ludacris playing pool Tom Wopat and John Schneider playing pool
Melody Thornton Freddie Mercury Amy Winehouse

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