Pool & Billiards Fine Art


Pool & Billiards Fine Art

This page celebrates pool and billiards in the arts with fine art billiards paintings. Represented are contemporary works as well as creations of the masters. Featured artists include: Arthur Robins, Jean Beraud, Boilly, Vincent Van Gogh, George Braque, Joe Klucar, Norman Rubington, Norman Rockwell, Paul Gauguin, Dmitry Pahomov, Alexandr S Feoktistov, Elmer Roslin, Jacob Lawrence, Steven J. Levin, Edgar Degas, Steve Mills, Serhiy Savchenko, Malcolm Thain and Valerie Vescovi.

Pool & Billiards Fine Art

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La Fortune by Man Ray Billiards by Jean Beraud A Game of Billiards by Boilly Billiards by Georges Braque
8-Ball Guitars by Joe Klucar Billiard Player by Norman Rubington Gentleman's Game by Arthur Robins Billiards by Wm. H. Pyne
Billiards by Dmitry Pahomov Billiards by Joe Klucar Steven J. Levin - Pool Hall
Tambayan by Elmer Roslin
Billiards by Serhiy Savchenko Degas - The Billiard_Room at Menil-Hubert 1892 Pool by Alexandr S Feoktistov Steven J. Levin - 4th Street Billiards
Steven J. Levin - Pool Player Arthur Robins - Private Game Norman Rubington - Billiards #3 Steve Mills - 13-10 Corner
Pool Parlor by Jacob Lawrence Poolplayers by JL Lawrence Independence by Arthur Robins Billiards by Malcolm Thain
Billiards - Norman Rockwell Night Cafe At Arles - Paul Gaugin 8 in the corner by Valerie Vescovi Pool Hall by Valerie Vescovi


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